The National Training Resource Centre (NTRC) of National Bal Bhavan is a resource centre for imparting training to adults, teachers, teacher trainees and child educators both from the formal and non-formal systems of education. The best way to reach out to maximum number of children is through teachers. Therefore the National Bal Bhavan tries to transfer its philosophy, innovative technology and techniques to teacher trainees, teachers and teacher educators with an objective of enhancing creative potential of children. The trainees are exposed to various creative activities of National Bal Bhavan so that in return they develop new creative methods of teaching. National Bal Bhavan believes that unless and until a teacher experiences the joy of teaching, child cannot enjoy the learning. For providing joyful learning experience to children a teacher has to make use of innovative methods and creative styles of teaching. The National Training Resource Centre equips the trainees with a variety of innovative tools which they can use while interacting with children, In the past different types of training programmes have been conducted for the primary and trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) of Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan, Science Teachers of Central Tibetan School Administration, Primary School Teachers of MCD Schools, students deputed by Polytechnics and Vocational Institutions and other adults who are interested in a particular type of training programme. Integrated Training Programme and other workshops